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Top 5 Affordable Dining Room Chair Styles

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It is good to know that even on a budget, you can find the perfect dining room chairs that reflect your taste and desired furniture style. Knowing the style that best matches your current dining table and dining room décor is key to finding budget-friendly dining room chairs. First and foremost, it’s very important to know that affordable dining chairs are available in different styles, colors, and materials which include metal, plastic, fabric and wood.

While shopping for your inexpensive dining room chairs, here are 6 common styles to keep in mind.

Contemporary wood dining chairs

Due to the versatility of these chairs, there is basically no right or wrong way of selecting these dining room chairs. As a matter of fact, you can have several favorites when you browse different styles of this dining room chair design as it covers a variety of contemporary style choices. For a fresh and unique style, feel free to try other options including the mixture of materials, fabric colors and patterns, and shapes involved. In addition to standard white and black shades, these chairs offer vibrant choices such as bright oranges, greens, and blues. 

Modway Furniture Regent Fabric Dining Chair in Wheatgrass

Parson dining chairs

These chairs are basically a satisfying style compromise because they offer that unique warm richness of traditional wood chairs while maintaining a contemporary feel of modern dining chairs. Parson dining chairs can suit almost any décor styles due to their simplistic design and immaculate lines. As a matter of fact, a comfortable layer of softness can be placed on the sitting chair frame. Ranging from tufted, patterned to leather, these chairs can be upholstered and beautified in quality fabrics.

Modern plastic dining chairs

When it comes to purchasing inexpensive cheap dining room chair styles, modern plastic dining chairs often make a better option. This is mainly because of the cheapness of the material (plastic) used in creating the dining chairs. Opting for these chairs always give users the optioning to establish a minimalistic feel of their dining area. They are best suited for exterior spaces such as patios and porches. Plastic dining chairs are available in diverse colors and styles.

Vintage dining chairs

Your dining area may just need an antique touch particularly if your dining table is old-fashioned or has a rustic design. Just so you know, no other dining chairs have more timeless qualities than vintage dining chairs. These are chairs that people have been using for many decades to sit and eat meals. These chairs come in various design including cottage, country or rustic design.

Contemporary metal dining chairs

These days, it’s very easy to find a metal dining chair with a contemporary touch of beauty. However, this style is most common with chairs made of metal or has some of its parts (such as legs or accents) in metal. Contemporary metal dining chairs are versatile with a futuristic style, cushion seats, hard metal, straight or curved backs.


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