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The Latest Trends In Bathroom Vanities

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An awesome looking vanity can do ponders for your restroom. In any case, notwithstanding looks, there are some quality elements that you ought to put into consideration while picking your new vanity bureau. There are some great vanities stocks that are on the market today.

Modern Styles:

All bathroom vanities generally look nice and have some great features. Some of the new features in modern vanities are plywood box, docktail doors, full extension drawer. It is important to have a vanity constructed out of plywood as against other materials that can easily break down over time. The full extension drawer would enable the user to get to the items at the back. Another important item to look for in potential vanities is different stores solution like plastic containers where wet sponges could be kept and also storage for cleaning products. Another quality item to look for is quality wood doors rather than plastic doors. Another consideration might be the height of the vanity. A bathroom vanity shouldn’t be too tall so as to make it comfortable and beautiful.

modern bathroom vanities

Open Shelves

Open shelf bathroom vanities have become a popular feature of spa style bathroom. Replacing the traditional cabinet with an open layout and streamlined design, open shelf bathroom vanities having a casual look is ideal for a contemporary master bathroom.

Waist-level drawers keep personal items close at hand, while the large space below is well suited to storing larger communal items like towels, toilet paper and even hair care products. These common toiletries can be arranged in decorative baskets to create a casual spa-style display that are better organize and more accessible than the traditional cabinet. The white space created by the open shelves and the natural wood of the vanities go a long way toward recreating the warm, relaxed atmosphere of spas found in luxury hotels and the more storage relives the pressure of keeping everyday items organized and hidden.

Double Vanities

Having two sinks for all intent and purpose is an unquestionable requirement to have in a standard master bathroom, yet there isn't generally enough space for a full measured double vanity. The amazing thing is, the double vanity is present and now very common. This is achieved by reducing the sizes of the different parts of the vanity cabinet. This makes it possible to have two sinks in a standard vanity size.

White Finish

An approach to make stylish vanity cabinet is by picking a white finish bathroom vanity. Be that as it may, exceptionally gleaming white surfaces are hard to keep up, which crushes the possibility of the spotless line look. White bathroom vanities are essentially hot then again super polished white complete is definitely not.

Granite Counters

Granite is so popular for bathroom and kitchen countertops. Granite is one of the most considered the excellence counters material existing, and in case you're thinking about utilizing granite countertop in your bathroom, then you are about to make a good decision.

Granite has a delightful appearance and easy to clean. It's unbelievably strong and will oppose chipping or scratching. So it's nothing unexpected to see granite counters being so popular today.


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