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How To Choose A Dining Chair

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When buying furniture for your dining room, you will have to make a choice between the traditional route of buying a ready-made dining set -- complete with chairs and tables -- or the more adventurous approach of buying a table first and pairing it with matching chairs.

The second option is more rewarding because it allows you to express your creativity. If you've chosen to follow this route, you need to be cautious when buying your dining chairs.

Most people just choose the first set of chairs they find that complements their table, giving secondary consideration to relevant details like dimension, height, style and quality. Here are things to consider:

Style and Design

There are different styles of dining chairs you can choose from. Traditional dining chairs are beautiful and give a feel of royalty to your dining room, while contemporary dining chairs are more simplistic.

If you want to try something new, you could match traditional dining chairs with a contemporary dining table or the other way around. The key however, is to find pieces that complement each other and have a design element in common.

Dining Chairs


The standard width for an armless dining chair is 22 inches. If your dining table is really big then it would make sense to get bigger chairs. Avoid buying chairs that are less than 17 inches in width as they are often uncomfortable.

Also consider the size of your guests when buying dining chairs. For maximum comfort, go for chairs that are 2-24 inches deep.

Chair Height

The standard height for dining chairs is 18-19 inches. This is because most dining tables are in the region of 29-30 inches. If you have a higher table, allow a minimum of 12 inches between the top of the chair and your table.


If you have elderly people or children in the house, you should take them into consideration when buying your dining chairs. Additionally, if your chair is made of delicate fabrics, it would be wise to buy extra fabrics and have removable seats and cushions for easy cleaning.


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